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Here we try to answer all outstanding questions about our donations-topic:

Why do you even donate?

We three founders realized that if we were to start a company, it should in any case return a part of the turnover to the company. Just to start a company to sell something was not enough for us. We wanted to be a part of the change, something to contribute to a "new economy".


How much will be donated?

We donate 10% of all net sales we generate. Net sales are the turnover after deduction of VAT & the postage.


Where exactly is donated?

We work with regularly changing donation partners. We change them in about every 2-3 months.

All organizations know our products and our projects, so they are real partners for us. We also want to give these partners more visibility with our online shop, since they are mostly small organisations.

We would also like to call these partners, but it is German tax law set up in such a way that the charitable organizations would have to pay taxes on donations, if we were to call them a partner organization before buying them. Since we would like to avoid this, you only get to know where the donation has gone after the order is made.

To give you an impression of what kind of organizations the donations might go, we have you here a few examples of previous donation partners.


How do I find out where exactly was donated?

Depending on the type of donation chosen (environmental protection, animal welfare or social protection), the packaging will be a card with a specific donation code and the name of the donation partner. By entering the codewww.give-back.infoReceive your further exciting information about the partner and its projects.


Why do you donate 10% of sales and not profit?

Clear answer: because the donation from the turnover is higher and more transparent than a donation from profit.

A donation from the profit is far less transparent, since you do not know exactly what costs the company has. For example, a dubious company boss could rent a very expensive car as a company car-then, because of this probably useless edition in the end, unfortunately, there is also less of the profit left. Therefore: we donate 10% of net sales. More transparent for you and for us.


If you have any further questions, please contact spenden@giveback-cosmetics.de